Hello There

Midwest farm boy, living and laughing in New York City. I enjoy getting lost in a book. I love sharing laughs and a good brew with friends. I love exploring, especially when it leads to getting lost. Enjoy spending free time (what’s that right?) rock climbing. I once met Tina Fey, (Billy on the Street), and she told me¬†she’d “probably” be friends with me. Hey, I’ll take it.


Bachelor of Journalism in Strategic Communication @ University of Missouri – School of Journalism. (#1 baby!)
Copywriter at SoccerPro
Marketing/Graphic Design at MFA Oil

Working at Apple Inc.
& busy with Ampere9.

PS. Wasn’t I just the cutest kid? ->



Let me start by saying my favorite hobby is trying new and challenging things, but since that can’t be a hobby on it’s own. Spending most of my childhood in the wilderness, naturally I love anything involving the outdoors (camping, biking, kayaking, white water rafting, agriculture, etcetera). I’m passionate about sustainability. I also love getting lost in a good book, people watching, travel… Wait so many things. Here are a few of my regulars I love.



Climbing is one of my favorite stress reliefs and physical activities. Growing up I was extremely afraid of heights and climbing challenges me physically and mentally and is a reminder the willpower’s ability to overcome life’s obstacles.



One of our kickball games is some of the best entertainment you’ll find in this city. When winning is based on having fun, you never lose.



I’m no chef, but I sure do love up whipping up a tasty, clean recipe. I love challenging myself by using the most natural and healthy ingredients. I’ve thought about starting a blog, but sometimes the results are just down right sad.

Places I frequent

Whether you want to get together for business or just looking for someone to hang out with, I love meeting new people. Here are some spots of the city that I frequent. Although, I love this city and exploring, so who knows where you’ll find me. Use the #ContactPage to get in touch and schedule a meet up. (Be warned, next free time may be a few weeks out.)

Rock Climb?

Not the usual place to meet up but definitely the most rewarding. Use the contact me now and let’s go for a climb! Everyone starts somewhere, so don’t be afraid.


So I may have a coffee addiction, lucky for me it’s socially acceptable. Let’s get caffeinated!